Bfit Pilates

Do you...

* sit at a desk all day?
* do the same repetitive movements in day to day life?
* forget about your posture?
* Get left with back ache after housework or gardening?

Join Bfit Pilates today

 If you have suffered from injury, health problems or wish to prevent any,
then this is a must have in your life.

What does the course entail?
There are many principles to learn in pilates in order to get the best out of the class and exercises. I teach you these throughout the course and cater exercises to your level. As the weeks go on, I progress you as an individual in the class and keep everyone working at their own level in order for you to learn your bodys potential and limitations.  With this you will feel a difference in your body awareness, strength and mobility from week 1-10.

Get serious about looking after your body,

Join a group course

Wednesday Evening

Wrights Meadow Centre  High Wycombe

The course is for 10 weeks - £110.
I aim to run 4 courses a year to offer
regular and progressive training to everyone who attends.

Classes are kept small to allow individual attention
to the needs of those in the class.


Book in a private session at a time to suit you...

121/small group classes - at your home or work
From £50 a session, with a block booking.  

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