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Welcome to Sarah-Bfit Dance & Fitness

Sarah is the founder of Bfit Dance & Fitness.
She offers a small range of classes which suit a large range of people.

She brings her training, knowledge and passion to you in a mix of dance and fitness catering for everyone; for anyone who loves to dance, wants to get fit or just to try something new.

She is a trained dancer; and found this was her link to fitness.
Being free, mobile and strong as a dancer is where her passion comes from to motivate others to be active,
and most importantly to enjoy their choice of activity.

With her training and skills Sarah has a repertoire of choreographed dance classes ready to teach to any ability, choreographed exercise to music classes in the form of her Bfit - Tone&Stretch,
which can be adapted and developed to client needs.

With 10 years teaching behind her she has recently added Pilates to her programme in order to support clients.  To ensure that her clients learn how to look after their bodies, with an emphasis on posture and core strength, in order to prevent injury, not only in the studio but also in their day to day movement.  

Bfit Classes began in January 2015 and have been very popular.

Search the class timetable and join a class this week.

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